Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween DIY: creepy, broken china doll

My friend and I put a lot of work into this years halloween costume!! First we went to Value Village to buy bright doll like dresses (pretty sure they were old prom/ bridesmaid's dresses), bought a blank white mask from a costume store, long blonde wigs, white stockings, white gloves, and white face paint.

-We cut the eyes bigger in the mask, painted cracks, red lips, blush, eyeshadow/ eyeliner, and added fake eyelashes to the bottom and top of the eyes.
-We put the white stockings on and painted the joints using liquid black eyeliner.
-We used the white face paint to our arms and neck, and black eyeliner to paint the joints on our elbows.
- Both of our dresses came with a sash so it was used for the massive bow in our hair.
- We painted our eyelids/ around with black eyeliner so that when our eyes are closed (for pictures) they look hollow! and now you have a very creepy china doll :)

creepy china doll, costume, halloween, diy
Me as a creepy china doll

My Friend

Dresses, wigs, and masks

Mask before and after (missing the eyelashes)

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  1. Omg this was so awesome and helpful I used it to create my DIY costume