Saturday, October 10, 2015

Harley Quinn face paint

After watching the Suicide Squad trailer- I really wanted to test out a Harley Quinn look for Halloween.
I used snazaroo face paint: white, black, red, and blue.I started off by covering my face with white face paint, painted in both eyes black then added the red and blue and painted small thin lines to down my face. Lips are black extending the corners out to the sides of my face and added the small Harley Quinn heart tattoo. I painted my own version of a neck collar using the different card suits. After adding a blonde wig with pigtails you have a Harely Quinn face paint look from Suicide Squad!  

Harley Quinn Face Paint Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn Face Paint

Started to work on the collar

Starting the eyes

Using a sponge 

What I used

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