Monday, September 27, 2010


In class group map

In the Forest was Little Red Riding Hood. She was hiking to her grandma’s through the rough forest terrain. Little Red Riding Hood needed to get to her grandmother before sunset or else the Hunter was going to kill her! The hunter was a wicked ruler over the forest and turned everything good to evil. He knew that if he wanted to have full power over the forest, he needed to kill Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, because she was one of the only “good” survivors left. Little Red Riding Hood was not going to let this happen, he already killed her friend Bambi and the lions from the Lion King and she had enough.

Little Red Riding Hood was hiking for hours when she finally decided to rest. She was famished and needed something to eat. She knew she couldn’t stop for long because of all the evil creatures in the woods. She found a tree to rest against and low and behold, it was an apple tree! She was about to climb the tree when she heard some rustling in the bushes. It was Snow White and Cinderella!! Her two best friends!!! They could help her in her journey!!! …but they were acting kind of strange… they must have eaten the apple pie that the hunter’s wife made that turned everyone who ate it EVIL!!! Snow White tried to force a poison apple down Little Red Riding Hood’s throat, but thanks to Little Red Riding Hoods fast reflexes she grabbed an evil flower and speared it straight through Snow White’s heart. 

Little Red Riding Hood knew she couldn’t afford to stop anymore. She trekked through all the flowers, past the bears, even was able to sneak by the Wizard of Oz. The only other obstacle in her way was Santa (who the Hunter turned evil last Christmas). The only way she could get past him was if she had a present to lure him with. She had an idea! She took the poison apple that Snow White tried to make her eat, wrapped it, and threw it by his feet while she hid behind a tree. Santa noticed it, opened it, and since it was a present- he could not resist and ate it. He fell down dead. 

Little Red Riding Hood ran past him and finally got to the front door of her grandma’s house.  She peeked inside the window to make sure that the Hunter didn’t beat her to her grandma’s. Thank god grandma was inside sleeping. She went inside and grandma was startled to see her. Little Red Riding Hood told her grandma the whole story of her journey, but she could tell that something just wasn’t right… She looked on the kitchen counter and saw a fruit salad. OH NO!!! it was the deadliest creation that the Hunter’s wife made!! Little Red Riding Hood knew right then and there that this whole time she wasn’t talking to her grandmother,  it was the Hunter. 

He transformed back into the Hunter and shrieked the evilest piercing laugh. Just as Little Red Riding Hood was about to accept her own fate in defeat the Good Wise Wolf leapt through the front door, grabbed an apple from the fruit salad, and threw it into the hunter’s laughing mouth. The day was saved!!!! The Hunter was dead!!! Everything turned good again and the evil curses were lifted!! Little Red Riding Hood thanked the Good Wise Wolf with a kiss. 

Years later Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf got married under an old apple tree in the big, old forest. The End.

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