Friday, December 10, 2010

Skate Deck Design

For this project we had to create a skate deck design using vector and raster elements, brand our work, and use a "predator" theme.  The budget for this piece was $30.00 for the print.

skateboard design, owl and snake
Final Product!!!  :) 

Used an old skate deck to mount mine onto.
Although the blue of the snake/ splatter in the background didn't print with the same colour intensity of how i originally wanted it, I think it still works, and turned out great! 

Final Design

Texture/photo courtesy of,
Used this texture for the snake's skin

Painting I made, flipped it on its side, and vectorized it for the background

watercolour splatter I created for the background 

Vector illustration took around 5 hours, then 1 hour or so to play around with the colours/gradients.  

owl holding snake sketch
Final sketch used to render the image using illustratorCS5

sketchbook, owl and snake
my sketchbook

Sketching Ideas

Predator Theme

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