Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Min Skoa71" Mock Case Study Project (DMA234)

TASK: I have been tasked to create a series of "splash" inspired poster designs for the company's new campaign. 

BACKGROUND: Min Skoa71 is a high-end shoe designer from Denmark and is preparing a number of limited edition shoes to emerge in North America. Min Skoa71 shoes are unique and make a strong statement. Those who wear these shoes are confident, trendsetters, and adventurous as the brand is targeted to those who are 'beyond cutting edge.'

STORY: Min Skoa71 is a highly fashionable, well respected, durable sneaker that provides both comfort and unique style. Their intricate design creates a multi-use shoe that can be worn for everyday comfort, casual outings, or when properly complimented with adequate clothing and accessories can even double for a "night out" shoe. They are also sure to be the talk of friends and envious passer-byers as they make a bold fashion statement. Due to the modern trendiness of this sneaker it is likely to appeal to the young adult demographic who is fashion conscious. The designer only uses the highest quality materials to create these shoes as they are meant to last a lifetime. The Min Skoa71 shoe is excited to launch in North America but wants to know - Are You Ready?


Feb 8th: Re-photographing - 40mins
Feb 8th: choosing the suitable photograph - 30mins
Feb 9th: searching for 'splash effect' on the internet: 25mins
Feb 12th: creating a mind map - 25mins
Feb 12th, 15th, 23rd - sketching 
Feb 12th: removing the logos and background from the shoe/adding the MinSkoa71 logo on photoshop - 3 hours. 
Feb 15th: creating a "story" - 25mins
Feb 26th: creating final ad - 3 hours

playing with colour

Min Skoa71 logo added
Logos taken out
This project requires that we remove the current logo in order for it to fit with the Min Skoa71 brand. I used photoshop to remove the four areas on the shoe with a logo. First I used the 'magic wand' tool, set the Tolerance to around 70, and selected the logo. I deleted the selected logo and used the 'content aware option'. I then proceeded to use a mix between the 'healing brush tool' and the 'patch tool' in order to completely remove the logos. 

This is the Original photo. 
For this project I decided to re-photograph a shoe. After reading the SOW I decided that my original shoe ad photo from first semester wouldn't work with the "trendsetting/ unique/ cutting edge" Min Skoa71 brand. I believe that these DC shoes are the perfect fit for this brand

Searching the internet for "splash" effects


Mind-map of Min Skoa71

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