Friday, March 11, 2011

Hai- Menu design

"Hai" Menu Project

 Final Product 
For the Front Cover of the menu I used my soya sauce painting of the Bonsai tree.  The illustrations I made were influenced by Shigeo Fukuda and WW2 propaganda posters by imitating the minimalist and graphic styles.
PDF version:
Back Cover

Second Page

First Page

Front Cover


Designing in Illustrator

Working in photoshop with different layouts

Time Sheet

Logo Given

"Hai" in Japanese 


Soya Sauce painting from last semester


Art Direction

I researched art by Shigeo Fukuda and WW2 propaganda posters to help with inspiration for the "Hai Menu" assignment. Here is what I found:

Artwork by: Shigeo Fukuda

WW2 Propaganda posters

Artwork by Shepard Fairey (reminded me of the ww2 posters/ I love Shepard Fairey)

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