Monday, April 18, 2011

Skate Deck Poster Design Continued..

The skateboard brand "Airaca" has a new line of skateboard designs. These designs are in the predator theme with one predator overtaking their prey.  In this poster it represents the authorities (the predator: the owl)overthrowing the skaters (the prey, the snake) BUT then in the poster the skaters (the snake) is coming back and destroying them!!!!! This poster is meant to be bought by the consumer to post on their walls at home etc...

FINAL POSTER: decided on the green snake for the final as it  gives a good contrast
with the background colours. I made sure to have some blue in the background so
that it ties in with the colour of the snake on the skateboard. 

Added a textured background from the photos taken of the skateboard

Making the snake in illustrator

Time Sheet

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