Saturday, December 15, 2012

Painting - watercolours

I found these as I was organizing my room, they are small watercolours I made while in university. There are around 50 in total, and chose 7 to share! Each one is either a depiction of something that happened to me, someone I knew, or something that was said during a conversation that really stood out for me. 

watercolor painting, art, what does it mean
Art - what does it mean
watercolor painting, airplane, flying, babies crying
Flying and crying

watercolor painting, sleeping, woken up, snow plow
Sleeping and snow plow
watercolor painting, house fire, laptop
Fire - what would you grab

watercolor painting, dentist, insurance, smile
Dentist - no coverage
watercolor painting, party, sweatpants
Best kind of party attire

watercolor painting, work, falling asleep
Trying to work

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  1. I had been seeing a lot of DIY Chalk “style” Paint recipes on Pinterest and decided to give one a try. I have to say I am sold.